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Meet Vicki and Bill

This is two stories in one video – married couple Vicki and Bill. Vicki talks about her luxurious lifestyle and successful career in New York, and how she could not escape from a gnawing sense of emptiness. She followed a party lifestyle for a while involving cocaine. She also got married thinking that would fill the void. Then she was invited to an event where she heard the gospel. She received Christ that night. Vicki was having severe marriage difficulties and had separated from her husband Bill.

Bill was a very successful businessman, who lived a very reckless life involving cocaine, alcohol abuse and affairs with other women. He had separated from Vicki and was living with another woman. Unbeknown to Bill, Vicki and their children were praying for Bill to come to know Jesus. Vicki arranged an evening where Bill was invited. He heard someone share their testimony and Bill decided to place his faith in Christ.

Vicki and Bill talk about how God has helped them recover their marriage. Vicki now helps other women work through their marriage difficulties.


Video source

Vicki and Bill’s story was produced by Revive Our Hearts, Niles, Michigan, USA.

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