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Watch these amazing life stories of men and women who talk about discovering what the Bible really has to say and how God has transformed their lives through it.

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Heidi’s Story

Heidi says she started out as an atheist and disliked Christians. However, she found herself spending time and getting close to her husband’s aunt who was a Christian. Heidi opened up to her that she didn’t believe in God. Heidi reluctantly agreed to let her husband’s aunt pray for her – to be open to the truth. The next day Heidi bought a Bible with the intention of proving her husband’s aunt wrong. However, God used Heidi’s Bible reading time to convict Heidi of the truth and she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Heidi talks about the difficulties in her marriage once she became a Christian. Her husband did not want Heidi to become a follower of Christ. But Jesus has given guidance to Heidi through the Bible and mentoring from other women, and Heidi’s marriage remains intact.