Meet Sam

Hard-hearted Sam was just about to seriously assault someone when God brought to mind Bible verses which caused Sam to repent of his sin and turn to Christ.

Sam shares how he led a life of crime and violence throughout his teens. His heart had become very hardened towards other people. However, on one occasion when he was about to assault someone, God brought to mind some Bible verses from the Book of Romans. Sam instantly saw his sin in a new light and he understood for the first time that Jesus died for him.

Since the time of Sam’s conversion, he has relocated from Wales, UK to Scotland, UK in order to be discipled and follow Jesus more closely. He has also become a male youth worker as part of a gospel ministry. Sam talks about the love he has for the young kids who live in some of the most economically deprived areas of Scotland. His passion is to let them know that they have hope in Jesus too.


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Sam’s story was produced by 20Schemes, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

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