Meet Nedelka

Nedelka grew up in Nicaragua where she experienced sexual abuse by a trusted employee of her family. She describes how this experience colored her thinking about men, children, and her own body. Nedelka and her family moved to Canada, where Nedelka’s emotional pain led her to punish her body through anorexia. She tried to commit suicide several times, including by starvation. She describes sensing God speak to her while she was wasting away and urging her to return to Nicaragua. She went back to her home country, to her mom, who had become a Christian. She shares how she encountered Christ and how she learned all about the gospel.

As soon as Nedelka trusted in Christ, her relationship with food changed. God used the teachings from a women’s ministry – Revive our Hearts – to give Nedelka a Biblical understanding of womanhood, marriage, and children. God transformed Nedelka’s wrong thinking about children – and she and her husband now have adopted several children.


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Nedelka’s story was produced by Revive Our Hearts, Niles, Michigan, USA.

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