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Meet Lore

Lore describes some difficult things that happened to her growing up – her brother was tragically killed and her parents divorced. She felt lonely, but that loneliness was overcome when she joined a very welcoming church. She describes hearing the gospel at church but never really understood about Jesus, His death and her sin. Her deep sense of lack of peace came to a climax when she told her pastor (and employer) that she had doubts about God’s existence. Shortly thereafter she gave up her whole life and moved to another state just so she could sit in on a Bible study run by Jen Wilkin. There, reading Genesis 1:1, God revealed Himself to Lore and she believed the truth of the gospel. Over the next few months reading the book of Genesis, Lore came to a rich understanding of God and her own sin.


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Lore’s story was produced by Revive Our Hearts, Niles, Michigan, USA.

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