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Meet Joseph

Joseph tells his story of growing up as a Mormon and priding himself on his religious deeds, but the Bible showed him he needed Jesus’ righteousness, freely available to him by believing in Jesus’ substitutionary death.

Joseph grew up in a Mormon home and took his religion very seriously. A former Mormon challenged Joseph while he was on missions to start over with the Bible and read it like a child.

Joseph shares how God opened his eyes while he read through the Bible. He came to understand that no-one can come to God and be saved by their religious deeds. Joseph repented of his self-righteousness and works, and trusted solely in God’s grace and Jesus’ death on the cross to pay the price for his sins.

Since becoming a Christian, Joseph has experienced alienation from his family who are still practicing Mormons. Nevertheless is passionate about helping people caught in religious systems understand the truth of the gospel, the depths of God’s love and the personal relationship on offer with Jesus Christ.


Video source

Joseph’s story was produced by Adam’s Road Ministries, Winter Garden, Florida, USA.

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