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Meet Joni

Joni talks about life with Jesus after a freak accident that left her quadriplegic.

Joni was a very athletic kid. She heard the gospel as a girl, and knew she couldn’t make it to heaven by her own efforts. So she received Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

Before going off to college, Joni prayed for God to help her live a life pleasing to Him. Soon after, she was involved in a horrendous diving accident. Her sister saved her life, but Joni’s spinal cord was snapped. Joni became quadriplegic.

Joni cried out to God in confusion and pain, asking Him why He had allowed the injury to happen. Through scripture, God gave Joni a new way of looking at her accident, and she realized that God may allow things to happen to her body, but that He would never harm her soul.

Joni describes her minute-to-minute dependence on God in order to live life in a quadraplegic body. She says there is nothing like the intimate union she has with Jesus: the “hell” of her suffering pales in comparison to the ecstasy of her relationship with Jesus.


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This story was produced by Joni and Friends, Agoura Hills, California, USA.

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