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Meet Dean

Dean talks about how he prayed a prayer for his salvation as a young guy but he didn’t really repent and trust in Christ at that point. Dean shares how God worked on his heart, convicting him of the fact that it wasn’t real salvation. He resisted for quite a long time because of pride until he finally shared with his wife that his salvation wasn’t real. He describes receiving Christ and how his walk with God was going well. However, Dean’s marriage went through a difficult period and he had an affair. He went through disciplinary proceedings with his Church and shares how God continued to relentlessly pursue him with His love and called him to repent. Through the work of God’s spirit, Dean repented and reunited with his wife. Dean talks about how God is patient and continues to work on Dean’s pride.


Video source

Dean’s story was produced by Saylorville Church, Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

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