Meet David

David literally darkened his world, blocking out any light from entering his apartment. Depressed and grief-stricken from the death of his mother – God entered David’s world – bringing His light, love and life.

David talks about the devastating impact that the death of his mother had on him as a ten year old boy. Filled with sadness and pain, he ran away from home and got involved in crime. He also started taking drugs and was aggressive.

David became obsessed with death and darkened his apartment, refusing to have any light come in. He describes having an epileptic seizure at which point God showed David how much darkness was in his soul. David cried out to God for help.

Thereafter, David started attending a church where the pastor explained why David felt so empty and unfulfilled. David heard the Gospel and believed in the truth that Jesus died for him to take away his sins.

David describes how Jesus has turned his life around. He has joy and purpose. He now lives for Jesus who he describes as his best friend, the one who shows David love every day.


Video source

David’s story was produced by MovingWorks, Austin, Texas, USA.

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