Life stories topic: Spirituality

Barry (USA)

Meet Barry Barry shares how he got involved with the wrong crowd and drugs in his teens. Barry went through the motions of baptism without understanding it and without really having an interest in God. Barry continued to be indifferent about spiritual things until he saw the changes in his wife's…

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Matt (USA)

Meet Matt Matt didn't grow up in a Christian home. He experienced trauma as a teenager when his father died in an accident. Matt had bouts of depression at college and turned to alcohol. After he met his wife, they both started attending church. Matt says it was simply box ticking.…

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Cody (USA)

Meet Cody Cody talks about growing up in a home with good morals but no God. As an adult, he didn't think he needed help to know God. Cody got invited to a gospel-preaching church and found out that he had deep curiosity and longing to learn more about the Bible…

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