Life stories topic: Christian upbringing

Steven (USA)

Meet Steven Steven was a New Age Teacher until his inner thought life became very dark. He ran to Jesus for help and forgiveness. Steven warns people to stop trying to find themselves and turn to Christ.  Steven grew up around Christianity and attended a private Christian school. He became deeply…

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Meredith (USA)

Meet Meredith Merideth knew the gospel growing up but into adult years she describes pushing God away and following sinful choices. She had doubts about God, and life got close to breaking point for her through a set of circumstances. Following her marriage and becoming a mom, Merideth started attending a…

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Scott (USA)

Meet Scott Scott describes how we grew up going to church and learning about all the stories in the Bible. He talks about how he lived a Christian life but he didn't really understand it. As an adult, he stopped caring about church and wasn't interested in Jesus. God worked through…

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