Life stories topic: Life purpose

David (Germany)

Meet David David literally darkened his world, blocking out any light from entering his apartment. Depressed and grief-stricken from the death of his mother - God entered David's world - bringing His light, love and life. David talks about the devastating impact that the death of his mother had on him…

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Ryan (USA)

Meet Ryan Ryan's party lifestyle got out-of-hand with an alcohol addiction and an arrest for armed robbery. He ended up with 6 months probation. At this time he knew that he needed to turn to God. His long desire for a purpose for his life was realized when he accept Jesus…

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Bill and Roxanna (USA)

Meet Bill and Roxanna Roxanna shares how she has known God from a very young age. She has struggled in her thought life but is thankful for the Word of God and her strong and caring husband. Bill started out with very little purpose in life. He served in the Vietnam…

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